Falcon Inflatables

Semi-rigides pratiques et robustes




Pionnier dans le design, la construction et l'exportation de semi-rigides depuis plus de 25 ans, Falcon utilise des matériaux de dernière technologie (Valmex ou Hypalon ) issu des meilleurs fabricants Européens et Américains.

Une grande expérience de la compétition récompensée par de nombreux succès y compris en France grâce à des carènes incisives et très marines nous permet aujourd'hui de vous proposer des bateaux exceptionnels.
Exportée dans plus de trente pays, Falcon est une marque incontournable dans le monde du semi-rigide.

La gamme Falcon est garantie 5 ans.

Que vous soyez plaisanciers, professionnels, pêcheurs, plongeurs ou sauveteurs, il y a sans aucun doute un Falcon fait pour vous.

Le flotteur, y compris les valves et les soudures sont garantie contre la détérioration prématurée ou la perte de pression suivant les prescriptions de la norme mondiale standard ISO - 6185-3.


We are a boat manufacturing company situated in a small town called Swellendam in the Western Cape of South Africa. We’re a family owned and managed business which was started in the early 1980’s by Marius Heyneman. His passion for racing inflatable boats in difficult and technical water conditions all over Southern Africa, eventually led to his hobby becoming a successful boat designing and manufacturing business in 1985. 

Today, the name Falcon is synonymous with well-designed, top quality and durable boats. Over the years, Marius’ family also joined the business to ensure the knowledge and experience will be carried on and improved on into the future. 

Our family ethics, driven by innovation and perseverance, we thrive on designing and refining every detail. Our hulls are designed purposefully, and tested thoroughly to make sure each and every component outlasts the competitors. 

With our ever expanding range of boats, all models can be customised for many different applications, whether it is for recreation, diving, commercial, patrol or just a well thought out fishing boat. 

We only use the highest quality European materials available, as well as the latest technology in manufacturing techniques. Composite support structures borrowed from the aircraft industry and a fully thermo-welded tube construction with high UV resistance and durability, ensures a strong and durable product which can be used for both leisure and commercial industries. 

Falcon fully complies with the South African Maritime Safety Authority regulations and also complies and exceeds strict International Standards ISO6185-3.



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